Our Service

Digital Marketing

Our clients come to us to improve their search engine ranking, create social media campaign and understand their customers through analytics techniques such as Google Analytics, screen capture of visitor's session, and trend forecast


Branding is more than just pretty visuals. We help our clients to discover their visual tone and identities to best position them in the market. From handmade business cards to award-winning websites, we cover a full spectrum of branding services.

App Development

How much does an app cost? It depends. Here at Levo, we are experienced in advicing startup the best strategy to have an idea come to life. We begin with researching product market fit for our clients. We then would create an interactive prototype for pitching to the investors. We then help startups form their technical team and help them find the best way to build a valuable product and a viable company.


At Levo, we master the essense of online store growth by taking advantage of Google AdWords to draw in traffic, and using A/B testing to optimized conversion rates. Our User Experience team also provide insights on improving website's usabilities.